We made ourselves a blog…

well… If I am going to be honest, I have to admit that I (Katie) am really the one who made the blog.  I put Grant’s name on it since I think I may be able to win him over to this whole blog thing!  (And he’ll likely be the subject matter of many posts!)

I love to read my friend’s blogs.  I have many of them bookmarked and every so often I will wander over to their websites to see what they’ve written.  I enjoy keeping up with the normal, everyday events in people’s lives and living so far away from many of our friends and family make that difficult.  Since I love to read all of these blogs, I figured it was only fair to start writing one my own again as well.  Hopefully this will be a place where we can share the exciting and not-so-exciting things that happen in our lives as we figure out this whole marriage thing, finish up Grad school and continue to live in a college residence hall.

(This picture is the background photo and was taken at our wedding on June 19th)


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