Cookies and Concert in the Park

On Saturday night Grant and I headed into Chicago with his friend Andrew & James to see the Lyric Opera perform in Millennium Park.  This has been one of my goals ever since I moved to Wheaton more than three years ago.  I absolutely love the pavilion that Frank Gehry designed and it was incredible to see a concert there in person.
Grant and I are both not that familiar with Opera, but we agreed that it was incredible!  The standing ovation and loud applause from those around us (who looked like they knew what they were doing) affirmed that thought!  We also took fruit and sandwiches with us, proud that we had actually planned ahead enough to make ourselves dinner.  However, once we were there I was definitely coveting the other picnic’s around us.  There was sushi, wine, and Giordano’s pizza, to name a few.  People even brought in small tables and nice chairs.  It was quite the experience.
And lastly… on Friday night I decided to try my hand at making these bite size Almond & Chocolate Macaroons. I had so much fun making these!  Especially since I was able to pull out some of my cake decorating supplies from when my friend Toni and I took a class when I was still in college.  What can I say… cooking is my creative outlet these days!  These are soft and delicious and I recommend trying them!  You can find the recipe here. 

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