Fischer Hall

We live in Fischer Hall, a Residence Hall on a college campus that houses 600 Freshman and Sophomores.  Some think that we’re crazy… that we would choose to live in the lobby of a dorm, but we love it.  Every year (and this is my fourth) has brought new joys and new challenges.  In a typical week the joys far outweigh the challenges and this week was no exception.

This photo was taken at the beginning of the school year at our first ever All Fischer Meeting which we held in the large auditorium on campus.  I loved seeing majority of our 600 residents all in one room.  Definitely a favourite moment in my career as a GRA.

On Friday night the Fischer CLC (Community Life Council – a group of 12 Sophomore students that I work with) hosted the first ever All Fischer Worship.  CLC this year is doing an incredible job… but I’ll save that for another post!

What I re-learned on Friday night is that Wheaton has some very talented students!  CLC planned it all and three students volunteered to lead worship.  It was a wonderful fall evening and a great end to the week.


3 thoughts on “Fischer Hall

  1. This posting is most exciting to me. Never having attended a Christian College with such a concentration of brains, talent, energy, love for God would be such an unbelievable experience. I hope all realize how special this community it is and take advantage of it. Grant certainly did, and he is a better man for letting Wheaton and all that it offers change and mature him. Life long friends. God transforming moments. Hallelujah for Wheaton, Fischer Hall, Grant and Katie Burns, GRA"S extraordinaire.

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