What happens when Grant is sick and Katie is bored…

This weekend was a nice, quiet weekend and was very relaxing.  Unfortunately, we both did not feel great (although Grant got the brunt of the sickness) so we slept, watched movies and read all weekend.  I have a love/hate relationship with these kinds of weekends.  I love having time to rest and relax and it was nice to just spend time at home but at the same time I totally hate feeling bored and I unfortunately become bored really quickly when I am stuck inside!
SO… I made chicken noodle soup (gluten free) and it made enough to feed us all weekend long!  I also tried making Artichoke Parmesan dip from a book called “Delicious Dips” that my good friend Stacey gave to us before our wedding.  I also bought four artichokes because I keep finding recipes for them that look good… but I’m actually not sure if I like artichokes or not yet.  I’ll keep you posted.
On Saturday Grant and I were planning to go apple picking but didn’t end up feeling up for it.  Instead I brought fall into our little abode.  I had a small pumpkin sitting on a table serving as my fall decor and I became inspired to try making something out of it.
The before picture of the pumpkin

The pumpkin after.  (Pumpkin puree was absolutely everywhere in our kitchen.)

Then I was inspired to host “Pumpkin Post-Rounds” since I was on duty all weekend.  Sunday night we had pumpkin seeds, Pumpkin Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and pumpkin cream cheese muffins (like what you’d find at Starbucks this time of year).

Now I’ve gone and made my mouth water again!
I’m not sure if I’m sold on roasting my own pumpkin vs. buying pumpkin in a can.  The canned stuff is definitely less work and less mess, but roasting it myself was pretty fun.  I guess it will all depend on my level of motivation for that pumpkin pie.

2 thoughts on “What happens when Grant is sick and Katie is bored…

  1. Did you take most of these pictures? Obviously the one of you making the little muffin tin pumpkin tarts was taken by Grant, but the other's?I find it very hard to accept that you are able to be bored. I would call it, "you are open to filling your available time with fun stuff." Once I roasted a pumpkin left over from Halloween with the kids, I decided after I was left with all that pumpkin, I never wanted to do that again. Can pumpkin from then on. They do make a lovely fall centerpiece. Beautiful Katie!

  2. I feel you do more on a down weekend than I do on an up weekend! Good job on all the homemade goodies. I'm still gluten-free as well, and finding it quite a fun adventure to learn to cook that way.

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