Addicted to Knitting

Grant thinks I am addicted to knitting… and he may be on to something!  You see, I often have phases that I go through.  This is most evident with food (right now I love steamed edamame with a little salt) where I’ll eat a ton of something for a few weeks and then it will slowly evolve into something else.  Well… the phase for the last few weeks is knitting.

I went to MN a few weeks ago and went into one of my favourite knitting shops called The Yarnery.  I saw this sweater and it looked simple enough and quick to knit, so I went ahead and bought the yarn and the pattern:

After I finished this sweater (which I love), I was inspired to finish another sweater that I started last year:
This one didn’t turn out quite so well.  It looks great when I’m not wearing it!  Since I finished it, I have tried altering it a bit and it is fitting much better… although not my favourite.  To top it off, since washing it it continually smells like a wet sheep and sheds.  But it’s very warm!
We took a very quick trip to Calgary for fall break to see my family and I knit these cute slippers on the plane ride there and felted them while in Calgary.  I love these, especially since I was able to use leftover yarn and buttons I found in my mom’s house. 
Okay… so maybe I am addicted.  But the green seater and these slippers did not take that long… and the cable sweater I started a long time ago!  I know, excuses, excuses.  I suppose this is a productive way to procrastinate!

2 thoughts on “Addicted to Knitting

  1. Oh my goodness! Darling! I need you to come finish my sweater that I've been working on for AGES! I'm at such a boring part (the back) and my fingers grow sore after just a couple rows…I love the green one…

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