Finally Finished & Happy Birthday

I did it!  I finally finished one of the sweaters I started two years ago!
This past Friday was my *cough* 29th birthday.  One of the ways I celebrated was not doing any school work and it was glorious.  I had finished most of the sweater so I went ahead and stitched it all together, knit the collar and the plackets (a word I never would have learned had I not started knitting) and sewed the buttons on.  I learned how to knit buttonholes too.

I included some pictures of the inside, partially because I was impressed with how this pattern went together AND (from what my mom has told me), my grandma would be proud. Apparently she used to always tell her kids that the back had to look as good as the front on things they made.

And finally…. this is me and my wonderful birthday gift from my mother- and father-in-law, Cerena & Gordon. (THANK YOU!)  I have wanted one of these yarn winder things forever.  I think Grant also loves it because now he doesn’t have to hold the yarn while I make it into balls.
This weekend I heard Grant tell a group of students that everyone is nerdy about something… that it’s not just people who like star trek.  I think in typing this post I may have just realized what one of those things might be fore me.
I think I’ll stop there even though I have more photos to post from the weekend.  Grant and two of his friends raced their first Cyclocross race this weekend (which was a blast) so pictures will come soon!

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