Oh, Walgreens!

Day 6: A photo that makes you laugh
This picture cracks me up!  Grant and I were in Walgreens on Sunday getting passport pictures taken (for my green card application) and we had to wander around the store for a bit while they were printing. Grant saw this first and pointed it out to me, and I did a double take.  I thought he was just pointing at the Barbie-like dolls because of their clothes but no, no!  It was much better than that.  Seriously… is this appropriate?  I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure I would not want to give this to any little girls that I know!  I do like that they are called “Lovely Patsy” dolls.  I wonder who “Lovely Patsy” is?  
I think that Miss. Blue and Miss. Pink are in need of some of this:
 Warning: Do not search for “Duct Tape” in Google Images.  You will find this picture, but it is amidst a plethora of horrible pictures too!

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