Someone I Love

Day 7:  A photo of someone you love
This is Grant.
(Warning: The following is cheesy)
He makes me coffee in the morning and tea at night.
He got me addicted to The West Wing and Alias.
He does the dishes (and will even wipe the counter off although he hates doing that)
He cooks dinner with me and for me.
He loves his family.
He goes on adventures with me.
He buys me flowers.
He makes me laugh.
He tries to do impersonations of me.
He goes to Starbucks with me (well, sometimes).
He loves to read and learn and loves magazines.
He loves bicycles… unless they’re from Target or Wal-Mart.
He loves people.
He is flexible.
He laughs with me and at me.
He is up for anything.
He loves to go rock climbing.
He gets excited about the kind of wool in his socks.
He treasures his friendships and has great friends.
He is genuine and honest.
Seriously, I cannot say enough about him.  He is quirky and fun and loves me well, even when I am cranky and stubborn.  He is my friend and my husband.  And although his presence in my life makes me  aware of my own selfishness and brokenness, he also makes me more aware of God’s grace and his love for me.  I hope (and pray every day) that these are not just the words of a newlywed, but the beginning of a life learning to live with, love and partner with someone.  
I pray that I will grow in love and respect for him each and every day.

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