I’m a little behind…

I’m a little behind on this one.  I was held back on Day 8 of the photo challenge because I thought the the prompt was terrible.
This will be my attempt to catch up from the last few days.
Day 8: a photo of your favourite band/musician
Okay.  So Nat King Cole is NOT my favourite.  But I pulled out the Christmas music on Friday (when Grant and I set up our tree) and he is consistently my favourite for Christmas.  That, and the Home Alone soundtrack!

Day 9: A photo of your family
The most recent family photos are (of course) from our wedding.  This is my family.  I love that my mom must have said something funny and the rest of us are laughing.  This is a sight you see with us pretty often!
This is my new family and they’re wonderful.  You couldn’t ask for better in-law’s and I’m very blessed!
Day 10: A photo of you as a baby
I don’t have many digital photos of myself as a baby but Lindsey had posted this on facebook a while back.  I’m not sure what I’m scowling at, but I think it accentuates the fact that my nose was (and still is) so small.
Day 11: A photo of your favourite film(s)
Hands down, my favourite movie.  I’m not totally sure why, but this is always my go-to movie.  That, and Grant and I joke about how I married this guy:
Frank Navasky.  Grant often asks if he is like Frank.  In most ways he is not.  But there are a few striking similarities.  One being Grant’s passion about very specific things and his complaints about others.  If you know Grant, you know what I mean.  He does not like typewriters though… that’s too bad.

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