Home Improvement Continued…

I looked through our RE/MAX folder that the realtor gave us and I found some before shots of the basement.  The picture quality is terrible (and is a photo of a colour copy), but will give everyone an idea of what the basement looked like before!

This is the wall next to the stairs.  It made for a very narrow hallway to the laundry area and the back door of the basement.
This room was behind that set of book shelves.  Complete with shelving, a de-humidifier and a sump pump.

The Laundry area.  I thought the tile looked cool, until we discovered that it was a vinyl panel on the wall.  The cabinet has become part of the work space in the garage.  Oh, and UNDER the cabinet and the walls we found some great linoleum tile.  I feel like an archaeologist at times in our house as we discover layers of things and try to figure out the reason why things are the way they are.  The house is quirky and we love it!

And again, the after shots.  You can sort of see on the floor where the walls used to be (in an ‘L’ shape)

Now we can see through this area all the way to the back door!  The basement is definitely not beautiful, but will hopefully be functional!

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