Construction: Things get worse before they get better!

This is what the outside of our house looks like today:

There was some damage to the brick above the basement door and below our front door that we knew about before we bought the house.  Since we bought the house in the dead of winter, we decided to wait till spring to get that fixed.
Another bonus of waiting until spring is that we figured out where water was coming into our basement and we’re able to get both things fixed at once!  My fingers are crossed that this might mean that our basement will actually be dry (with the exception of any major laundry mishaps like I had yesterday…)
Even though these pictures were taken with my cell phone, they show pretty clearly the destruction of our driveway and back yard.  They tell us that the work will only take a couple of days which is great, especially since Grant’s parents arrive tomorrow or Thursday and we move NEXT WEEK!
In other news…
Grant is GRADUATING on Saturday with his MA in Christian Formation & Ministry and I am officially a permanent resident in the United States!   
That’s right, my GREEN CARD application was approved!
Grant and I got up early yesterday to go to Chicago for our interview with the immigration people.  It was quick and painless.  We had a very nice officer interviewing us, she looked through my file (which was at least 4″ thick), asked me what Grant’s birthday was and if I had ever met his parents.  She also looked through our wedding photos (and subsequently took a few for the file that showed that we had guests at our wedding and that we were happy).  Other tips we learned: they like facebook photos that are printed that have dates on them, the fact that we had 175 people at our wedding, and that we own property together.
For all of you Canadian’s out there who think you’ve lost me to the States, I am still holding out hope that we’ll move back to Canada some day (something Grant needs very little convincing of).  In the mean time, this is great news because it means that I can get a job so we can keep living in this beautiful house!

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