The Beginning!

I have had it in my mind to start this blog for a long time.  Last November I decided to go for it and finally open the Etsy shop that I had been dreaming about.  I had such a great time coming up with ideas, planning and anticipating.  It was a blast!  This was right around the time that we found out that we were expecting a baby!  Unfortunately this meant that soon after my all-day-sickness would set in and remain as my constant companion through the spring making it difficult to maintain the shop, grad school internship and work.  A lot has happened since then including my graduation, moving from Illinois to Minnesota, welcoming our incredible baby boy into the family and beginning my new role as a mum and a Residence Life spouse.

My excitement to re-open my Etsy shop has only increased and I see this blog as a place for me to share my ideas and inspiration as well as some of our day to day life.

I’ll leave you with this picture of one of Will’s first smiles.  This is what I spend majority of my time doing these days and I love it!


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