New Camera Lens

One of the pregnancy and preparing for child birth books that I read (The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy) suggested that the husband get a gift for his wife for going through labour and delivery.  I was skeptical, wondering if I would really feel the need for Grant to buy me a gift (isn’t the baby the best gift after all?).  
It turns out Grant did not need to buy me a gift.  In fact, I had completely forgotten about this idea until one day a week or so ago Grant came into our apartment with his hands behind his back.  I was feeding Will in the rocking chair chattering away about what he and I had done that day and didn’t even notice that Grant was hiding something.  He revealed that he had a camera in his hands with a card taped to the lens.  It took me a minute.  Did Grant get me a camera?  I already have a camera.  That looks like my camera. Oh wait.  The lens is different!  Grant bought me the portrait lens that I had my eye on for a long time.  No, it wasn’t jewelry as the book had suggested he get me, and no it didn’t come moments after our son was born.  This was so much better!  It was unexpected and thoughtful and will help us capture memories of our incredible son.  And the card was a letterpress card from Paper Source that has a tandem bike on the front.  He knows me so well… letterpress cards, beautiful paper, tandem bikes and a sweet note! Looking forward to my next tandem bike ride… possibly a Pie Ride in Santa Rosa over Thanksgiving??  
“I couldn’t have done it without you.”

And now for the task of learning how to use it!


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