Birthday Celebrations & Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Will and Grant since I was in Phoenix last week for my birthday.  It was a fantastic day!

Our baby napped (a rare gift).  We watched the last episodes of a new favourite BBC series “Cranford” while I knit Will’s Christmas stocking.  We went to the Macy’s 8th floor Christmas display in Minneapolis where Will had his picture taken with Santa.  We walked around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and finally made it to Starbucks in time for their buy one, get one free holiday drinks.

Macy’s 8th Floor Christmas Display

Someday all this candy will have more of an affect on Will.

(Now, you may think it is strange to go to see Santa and a Christmas Display before Thanksgiving and normally we would both be opposed, but one of our favourite things is to be places that are supposed to be crowded but are not!!)

Grant and Mary Tyler Moore outside Macy’s (Former home of Dayton’s & Marshall Fields)


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