It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Grant and I whipped out the Christmas music and set up our tree just before Thanksgiving.  We spent Thanksgiving in California and we wanted everything to be set up when we got home.  Oh, how I love Christmas decorations.
We have two Christmas trees and had a feeling the larger one would be a little too big for our small apartment.  I almost fell over when Grant insisted that we set up the large one this year since he has given me a hard time for not realizing just how big it was when we bought it.  In my defense, all the trees look smaller when you’re standing in Target with a high ceiling and even bigger Christmas trees next to it.  It kind of takes over our apartment, but I love it!
We, yes WE made these ornaments two years ago.  This was definitely one of Grant’s I-love-you-so-I’m-going-to-help-you-glitter-things-even-though-I’d-rather-be-watching-football kind of moments.  Yes, I married a good man!  We have several different shapes and gold and silver glitter.  Here’s a tip… if your gold glitter is too yellow for your liking, mix the gold and silver together and what you end up with is BEAUTIFUL!  

We bought this ornament at the Morton Arboretum gift shop.  I love gift shops at places like these but rarely buy anything.  We got this the first Christmas we were married because it is a redwood pine cone and needles.  We got married in a redwood grove near Santa Rosa, California.  This is where the name “Under the Redwood Tree” is from.

Many of our ornaments I bought a long time ago.  I love to go to Pottery Barn after Christmas to see what they have for 40% off or more!

The one hint of colourful lights.  Last year we were able to set up both trees in our house and I am looking forward to doing that again someday.  I love having the matchy matchy tree with white lights and then the colourful tree with all the ornaments that we’ve made over the years.  We might give in and set it up in Grant’s office


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