Christmas Gift Wrapping

I LOVE to wrap gifts.  I’ve always wanted to work someplace where I get to wrap gifts all day long… although I’d probably get bored before my first shift is done.  That, or I’d be covered in paper cuts.
My mom is a bit of a perfectionist (you know it’s true, mom) and she taught my sister and I how to wrap.  We give her a hard time for making us fix the gifts we wrapped if the flaps on either end pointed in different directions or pointing away from the seam on the back.  It’s something that the three of us will always laugh about and I’ll always be grateful for the gift of perfectionism imparted by my mother!  
Unlike my mom though, I have come to use only kraft paper wrapping and gift boxes.  It’s simple to have just one roll of wrapping paper and a few spools of beautiful ribbon, and it works for all occasions.
Re-using ribbon from our wedding.
I’ve had these four spools of ribbon from Costco for the last 5 Holiday’s and still haven’t run out.  Costco is a great place to buy good quality ribbon in mass quantities, you may just have to buy it in September to get the patterns and colours you like.  Regardless, I think next Christmas it might be time for some new ones!

Gifts under the Christmas tree.

I can’t wait for these to be opened and for the stockings to be filled!


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