Breaking out of the Bumbo

The Bumbo is one of our favourite baby things.  Will just looks so cute sitting up in it.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t always loved it.  Once his hands started to do what he wanted them to, he enjoyed it because he could pick up toys or books that we put in front of him.  Today he figured out how to wiggle his way out of it.  No more multi-tasking while the baby is in the bumbo, that’s for sure!  

These pictures show our sons personality well, so goofy and determined! While I was taking these pictures he was grunting and giggling while trying to work his way out.  He eventually figured out that arching his back would trip the bumbo backwards and allow him to get out.  I let him keep going but had to hold on to his foot so he wouldn’t fall.  I think we are going to have our hands full once he is mobile.
(The toy he is playing with are stacking cups that we bought at Ikea.)


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