Tutorial: Month-by-Month Baby Onesie’s

 I love the idea of having photos each month to mark Will’s milestones.  He’s now 7 months old and I already LOVE having the photos to look back on.  I have some ideas for what to do with all 12 pictures at the end of the year, but in the meantime I’m just soaking up every minute with him today.

  • 12 onesies or infant t-shirts.  (Note: I made the above set based on size and weight listed on the labels since it was a gift. For Will’s I have all the numbers printed and just iron it to one of the t-shirts that fit him each month.)
  • Iron on transfer paper for fabrics.  (I found Jet-Pro SofStretch by Neenah Paper to be the best and I found mine on Amazon.  It washes well and doesn’t crack or peel like some of the other brands do).
  • Template’s found here, here, and here.  (Thank you Martha Stewart)
  • Ink jet printer.  (I think you need special paper to print on a laser printer.)
  • A good sharp pair of scissors
  • Iron
Getting ready to iron on.  They will print 4 to a page so you’ll need to cut them out.  Since I’m printing on white t-shirts, I just cut as close to the colour as possible.

The numbers need to be printed backwards, that way once they’re ironed on they will be readable.  These templates are already mirrored.

Center on your t-shirt about an inch down from the collar.

Iron according to the instructions that come with the transfer paper.  You need a very hot iron and apply a lot of pressure.  Remove the paper backing while it’s still warm.

 And you’re done!

For more of today’s photos, look here


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