The outtakes are often the best!

One of my favourite things is seeing all of the photos that we end up with trying to capture a cute moment with our son.  The outtakes from Instagram or the blog are often blurry (and taken with my phone) and the composition terrible, but they show his sweet and spunky personality so well.

My personal favourite!

Chatting away

What is with this face?

(And in case anyone ever wonders what the red marks are around his mouth.  It’s chapped skin.  Poor baby…. no matter how much of his vaseline-like lotion we put on it, he continues to drool and live in cold, windy weather which does not bode well for his super sensitive skin.  Spring is coming little one, I promise!)


2 thoughts on “The outtakes are often the best!

  1. Hi Katie,Such cute photos! About the chapped skin, have you tried coconut oil? I've heard great things and use it for a diaper cream for Ellie. Just an idea! Hugs,Melissa Jolene 🙂

  2. Katie, I have some coconut oil if you want a little to try and don't have any 🙂 Just let me know and I can get it to you asap!Such a cute little guy!!Kathryn

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