Como Conservatory

In July when Will was first born we went to the Como Conservatory with my mom.  It is an incredible place.  The building is beautiful, it’s warm and full of lush, green plants and purple orchids.  Even when crowded, it is somehow still peaceful and quiet.  All I have to say is why on earth did it take me until the first day of spring to think of going back there?
The three of us spent a few hours at the conservatory this weekend and it was incredible.  This was of course, after Will and I spent some time there earlier this week with a friend.  And I think we’ll go back often on cool days this spring.  We had some fun with our camera too and not so surprisingly we ended up with more photos of our son than anything else.

We spent a lot of time with the tulips since we miss seeing them grow each spring in our yard in Wheaton.

He seems like he’s growing up so fast.


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