Instagram can’t always make this look good

I was reading an article today called “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life.” (In case it doesn’t come up clearly, the title of the article is a link to it).

Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend everyone read the article, I did find it challenging.  I look through my own blog at all the posts about things I’ve made and photos of our cute son.  It probably looks like I have a never ending amount of free time, always have a delicious dinner on the table when Grant comes home or that Will’s clothes always match and that he must not spit up all over the place like other people’s babies.  The photos I post either have a blurred background or are taken when our apartment is tidy.  The photos don’t show the smelly diapers that need to be washed, the never ending pile of dirty dishes, the toys strewn all over the place or the spit-up on sweat pants I wear almost every day.

I think I have a great life but that it’s hard too.  I am married to an incredible partner who loves and supports me.  We also have stupid arguments and sometimes feel like we’re on opposite ends of the teeter-totter.  I have a the most amazing son who brings an incredible amount of joy to our lives.  I’ve also never felt busier or more tired in my entire life and the phrase “there’s only a little bit of poop on it” actually left my lips as a valid reason for Will to keep wearing a t-shirt.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to show a more accurate picture of my life, including the parts that instagram can’t make beautiful.  I want others to know the great and the hard parts, to be known by others and to know them as well.  As a good friend and co-worker used to say, I want others to see the beauty and the pain that are a part of a real life.


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