National Donut Day

 Friday, June 7th was National Donut (or doughnut) Day.  I am a week behind in posting these pictures because now that summer is in full swing and we’ve been trying to enjoy every minute of it!

Grant was out of town the first week of June for work and the weather was pretty bad most of the week.  By the time Friday rolled around, Will and I were both going stir crazy and needed to get out of the apartment.  I heard it was donut day and that gave us a project!  We went to a few different places in the Twin Cities to try out their donuts.  And thanks to the suggestion of friends, we have a few more places to try in the future!


Donut Kabob’s made with Timbits (aka donut holes), strawberries and pineapple.  Any fruit would work for these and I loved them so much, they may make an appearance at Will’s birthday party this summer.
ImageDonuts from A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop in Minneapolis


ImageMy favourite summer drink – Strawberry Italian Soda!

(Made with one can of La Croix sparkling water and 2 oz of Torani Strawberry Syrup)
Our little guy got to try donuts for the first time too.  Am I the only one that LOVES giving foods to my kid to try for the first time?




 And finally a bite.  Not his favourite thing to eat, but he loved playing with it!


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