Visiting Wheaton

This past weekend we had a whirlwind trip to Wheaton to visit friends (some who are moving in the next few weeks).  I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos with the friends we saw, but of course we have plenty of Will and a few with his friends!  Here are a few of his highlights from the trip.

IMG_5140Toys and friends.  If he could talk, he’d probably tell you about all the cool toys his friends have that he wants!  We don’t have a single toy that makes noise or plays music yet and I think he just realized that he’s missing out.  I think he may also have realized that it’s fun to play with other people his size.  Will is always a happy kid, but this weekend he was as content as can be surrounded by friends.



IMG_5141First real taste of bacon.  The expression on his face tells it all.

IMG_5132Watching the noisy freight trains go by in Wheaton.


IMG_5093Surrounded by his many fans at church on Sunday.

IMG_5090He was tired and loooooong overdue for a nap on Sunday, and you never would have known by looking at how happy he was!






We had a GREAT time.  Thank you to everyone we were able to see and for Brandon and Amy for allowing us to stay with them.  We just wish we could have stayed longer and had a chance to see EVERYONE!  🙂




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