The Pizza Farm – Stockholm, Wisconsin

I read about the Pizza Farm on another blog and I knew instantly that it would be the perfect thing to do to celebrate Father’s Day.  Grant does love pizza after all.  It is a working farm and on Tuesday’s from around May through October they open their doors (and fields) to urban dwellers and serve wood fired pizza.  Most of their ingredients are grown or raised on their farm and it exceeded our expectations.  The pizza was delicious and the setting was perfect.  We could not have asked for a better evening and it was totally worth the 90-minute drive to get there.  We’re already plotting our second visit.

Our anniversary is today so Grant decided to turn his Father’s Day outing into an anniversary getaway and the three of us spent the night at a B&B in Stockholm.  Another experience that did not disappoint… there will be a few blog posts this week documenting our less-than-24-hour adventure.

We took way too many photos and kept saying over and over again, “this is amazing!”  We also enjoyed the fact that we ran into a few friends we know from the Twin Cities confirming my theory that most who visit are not only from a different state, they agree that 90-minutes is not too far to drive for this pizza.


IMG_5374With no signs or advertising we were amazed at how many people found their way here!










I think even our little boy had a great time.  Happy Father’s Day hon.


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