It is hard to believe that in a few weeks we’ll be celebrating a birthday in our home.  Not only is it his birthday, it marks when this couple became a family, a move to a new state, new job and new roles for everyone.  Phew, I can’t believe it!

But that’s not what this post is about, it is about this kiddo who is SO MUCH FUN.  I had a hard time choosing photos from his 11-month photoshoot.  Not because they’re all perfect and in focus or because we caught him actually looking at the camera.  It is because they show so well the personality of this little boy.  He is so ridiculous and spunky and so full of energy and has one crazy thick head of hair.  He discovered that he likes when we laugh so he’s started to fake laugh that inevitably turns into real belly laughter (for all three of us).  The best part is when he starts the fake laugh, he always looks up to gauge our reaction.  How do they learn this stuff?

He also chatters all day long, but the only words we understand so far are “mama,” “dada” and “hi mama.”

Anyway… enjoy the photos!  We love you little man.



I have no idea…IMG_0693




Trying to grasp Sophie the Giraffe!  Our feeble attempts at getting him to stay on his back.IMG_0718




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