We’ve Moved!

We have officially moved! Not far, just across the street from campus. But oh has it made a world of difference.

I liked our old apartment quite a bit. It was small and cozy and it was where we first brought our son home from the hospital a year ago, so it was sentimental too. It had a crazy amount of kitchen cabinets for such a tiny kitchen and was in a building that was full of life! Sure, some days “full of life” was more accurately “noisy” but for the most part we enjoyed our time there and will miss it. The problem was that our son who is almost a year old is getting mobile and his stuff is starting to take up more space. His parents were tiring of brushing their teeth in the kitchen since his crib was practically in the bathroom in the one bedroom apartment. When we found out that Grant could stay in the same position, just oversee a different set of buildings, we decided to jump on the opportunity. Our apartment isn’t huge, but it is lovely and growing on me more and more each day.

Not comparing my experiences with anyone else’s, just my own. I have decided that moving one block is by far worse than moving states or even countries. Sure, it is nice to be able to move things over a little at a time, and it wasn’t necessary to wrap up all the breakables. But we were so much better prepared to move from Illinois to Minnesota or from Alberta to Illinois then our 3 block move within Wheaton and our across the street move here in Minnesota. But we’re thankful to be feeling settled, to have the apartment clean, boxes broken down and pictures hung on the wall. I’ll post photos of the apartment in the next few days. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of one of my favourite spots.



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