Bugaboo Cupholder and Uppababy Vista

We have an Uppababy Vista stroller and we love it.  It’s a workhorse of a stroller and allows me to walk to the grocery store and come home with bags of groceries in the huge basket below.  I can hang my diaper bag from the handles and keep my phone in the pocket on the back of the seat.  It comes with a ton of accessories that have surprisingly come in handy over the last year.  The only thing missing was a cup holder!

I know, I know.  It’s not so difficult to bend down to pick up my water bottle out of the basket.  This was not a necessity, just something that would make our already fantastic stroller even better!  The only problem is the Uppababy cup holder that you can buy separately is terrible.  I had it and it got caught on everything, fell off and barely held a paper cup, let alone a water bottle.  Considering how easy it was to fall off, it was really hard to get off when you were trying to do it on purpose.  So we returned it and figured I’d just have to go without.  I heard that the Bugaboo cup holder worked on the Vista, but I had trouble finding finding out the information I wanted.  Would it work on my stroller?  How does it attach?


So I went to the store and got the Bugaboo to try for myself and it is fantastic!  I was tempted for a few minutes to try the Uppababy one again but came to my senses.  So here it is, the Uppababy Vista 2013 with the Bugaboo cup holder for those of you who may be searching for it like I was.  (The rest of you, feel free to skip to the next post). There are several attachment pieces and I used the largest one and hooked it to the foam part of the handle.  It’s sturdy but super easy to take on and off and the stroller folds with it in place, you just have to twist the actual holder up and out of the way of the wheels.IMG_1298 IMG_1301 IMG_1321

Uppababy Vista (2013) in Jake Black
Bugaboo Cup Holder


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