Sunday was a fantastic day!

After a few days without Grant, Will and I were thrilled to have him home and we enjoyed the day together as a family.

We had a leisurely morning, two people took naps, one spent some time knitting and writing on the blog.

We went to a bike shop and a coffee shop that are next door to each other in Minneapolis, a favourite combination around here.

We enjoyed a longer than planned afternoon bike ride.  Longer not because we were lost, but because we decided that we wanted to go around Lake Harriet just one more time because we were having such a good time!  The weather was perfect, the company was fantastic… and the people watching… well, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

We headed over to church next and enjoyed the fact that we could be a little late because we didn’t have any responsibilities requiring us to be early this week.  We had good conversations with new friends and now familiar faces.

At home we had a sleeping baby and a delicious dinner and favourite tv shows.

Yes, Sunday was a fantastic day.  And you know what?  I don’t have a single photo from the day!  I left my phone at home by a happy accident and rather than spending time trying to capture memories, we enjoyed making them instead.


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