Apple Cider Donuts

I’m still totally in denial that fall’s actually here.  It seems like it switched overnight.  I was wearing shorts and t-shirts one day, the next I am huddled under my hudson’s bay blanket with the heavy wool socks on my mom made for me.  Yes, I’ve been craving pumpkin-spiced-anything and I love to break out the wool sweaters but this feels too soon!

This weekend Grant had a retreat with the students he works with.  I met up with them on Sunday morning at the Apple Orchard.   Apple picking is one of my favourite fall midwestern things to do… even when the orchards are a little hokey and over the top.  And, I think it’s safe to say that Will enjoys the Apple Cider Donuts as much as his daddy does! 



And I love the cider.  But not just any cider.  I think I take photos of this and post something about it every year.  I just can’t help it, it is that good.

I love the cider that comes from the apple orchards.  The stuff that you have to keep refridgerated and drink soon after you buy it.  Put it on the stove with Williams-Sonoma Mulling Spices and let it simmer on low for an hour or two.  Make fresh whip cream with a bit of sugar and vanilla and top with caramel sauce or nutmeg and voi la, the best Mulled Cider you will ever taste.  It definitely makes up for having to wear socks.

(You can find the recipe here.)


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