Our family is growing!

It’s been a while since I have posted anything here, and with good reason.  In September we found out that our little family of 3 is going to be a family of 4.  This is how we announced it:



I blinked and we have gone from finding out that we’re having a baby, to finding out it is a girl and realizing that the bump really does grow quickly the second time around!


(21 weeks)

The last few months have been pretty tough.  I have been VERY sick this time around and still deal with nausea on a daily basis.  Thankfully I am feeling a little better than I was and am able to enjoy playing with our son and watching his new antics rather than supervising horizontally from the couch.

I say this all the time, but I think that Will is in my new favourite stage!  He’s started climbing all of our furniture to his great delight.  (Unfortunately, it also means even more bumps and bruises.)  He loves to get into the driver’s seat of the car, no longer has a fear of bubbles in his bath and plays for hours on end with his table and chairs and wooden food, tea set and toaster!  We also don’t dare to help him with anything he can do himself!  




One thought on “Our family is growing!

  1. Congratulations Katie! It is so wonderful to hear that you are out of that icky stage and starting to feel better. I am so excited for you to have a girl (I’m sure boys are just as delightful, but you need someone to knit with and drink tea with). If you want to borrow any little girls clothes, just let me know. Congratulations again 😉

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