Christmas Tree Farm

Yesterday we had the chance to go to a Christmas tree farm just up the mountain from our town.  It is owned by the family of one of Grant’s co-workers.  We live in a valley and it was a little bit of a dreary day but as we drove up the mountain we drove into the cloud and it was stunning.  It didn’t feel like it was raining anymore, just a mist in the air.  It was a beautiful property filled with perfect looking Christmas trees.  I have never been to a Christmas tree farm before, let alone cut my own tree down!  I can’t believe that we have a real Christmas tree that looks better than any fake one we’ve ever had.

Can I just pause and say that Oregon is beautiful?


IMG_3497Felicity was there too, but she was snuggled in and warm in my solly baby wrap under my coat.

IMG_3513We found one that was just Will’s size.

IMG_3528Will had a great time running through the trees and the mud.  He eats up any chance he gets to wear his beloved rain boots.


IMG_3543The minivan sure is coming in handy.

IMG_3575A glimpse of the decorated tree and some of our favourite ornaments.  I love pulling out the ornaments that have been packed away for the last 11 months.


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