The Holiday’s

We had an incredible, stressful, beautiful, sleep deprived, fun and happy holiday this year.  We spent the week before Christmas in California and the week of Christmas in Canada.  We were thankful to see so many people and we had a great time introducing everyone to Felicity!  It was wonderful, but we’ve vowed to never do quite so much traveling in such a small amount of time ever again.  We’re busy catching up on sleep now that we’re home and I’ve been going through all the photos we took.  Here are some of the highlights of the holiday’s that we actually caught on film.

IMG_4218 IMG_4202 IMG_4172 IMG_4168 IMG_4132

IMG_4086 IMG_4082 IMG_4073 IMG_4059 IMG_4050 IMG_4041 IMG_4005 IMG_4003 IMG_3952 IMG_3942 IMG_3895 IMG_3887 IMG_3832 IMG_3777 IMG_3766 IMG_3739


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