More Norwegian Mittens

These are still hands down my favourite thing to knit.  This pair was 2 years in the making as a gift for my mom and I finally finished them over the holiday’s this year.  She lived in a warmer climate until recently, so it didn’t seem quite as urgent to finish until she moved back to Canada.  I mixed and matched the pattern a bit on the cuff and palm, but the number of stitches and the main pattern on the back of the hand is listed below. The book that these are from is incredible and highly recommended!  There are so many patterns, it’s easy to mix and match or make up your own.  It’s also an interesting read!  As far as color work and knitting, I would say these are a really fun place to start if you don’t have a ton of experience.  They’re small and it’s really easy to follow along with the pattern and it’s easy to know each round if you’ve made a mistake or not.  Plus they’re really satisfying since they knit up quickly and if you use the Knit Picks Pallet yarn, you’ll spend less than $7 on these, so you really can’t lose.  And did I mention that they are beautiful and SO warm!?

IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4241

Pattern: NHM #7 from Selbuvotter: A Biography of Knitting
Yarn: Knit Picks Pallette, White and Marine Heather (one skien of each colour)

(And in case you’re curious, here is the link to my first pair of Selbuvotter mittens and my first pair of gloves.)


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