House Tour – Will’s Room

I realized a few days ago that it has been almost 6 months since we moved to Oregon.   I still feel so new even though we now have our favourite restaurants and know where the grocery stores and parks are, all things that have taken time to discover.  I know, I know it can take a long time to feel settled.  Our house has really reflected that this time around.  Moving two thousand miles with a newborn and a toddler in tow is not for the faint of heart and slowly but surely we are getting there!  I have been wanting to do a house tour for a little while now so I’m going to post it room by room.

The kids rooms are my favourite.  I never really got to decorate a nursery for either of them before they were born so it was fun to get to put these two rooms together.  Will’s room is still a work in progress but we spend a lot of time in here.  The natural light is amazing on days like today when the sun is shining!


The nautical flags are reused from Will’s first birthday party! These windows look out over our front porch.

IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4966 IMG_4967

The airplane prints are a free download you can find here.  I had these printed and put them in these Ikea frames.  It was inexpensive and Will loves his “big airplanes.”


IMG_4971 IMG_4976The bed in this room is technically Felicity’s… or at least it will be her’s in a few years.  We got it when we thought the kids were going to be sharing a teeny tiny bedroom and we were indecisive about getting him a twin bed or something larger.  We are betting that Will is going to be tall someday!  We are on the craigslist hunt for a new old dresser and I am working on making a quilt for his bed.  “Working on” makes it sound more active than what is actually happening.  I have a great idea and will eventually get to it.

Up next: Felicity’s room!


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