House Tour – Felicity’s Room

Two napping kiddos at the same time.  Two napping kiddos at the same time!

This is so rare and so delightful!  I thought it would be a few days before I posted this but the kids are being very, very nice to me so far today!

Felicity’s room has been really fun for me to put together.  It’s still a work in progress, but that’s half the fun! I never thought I’d do pink but when I was pregnant with her I fell in love with the purple fabric and tissue paper (it also happened to be the 2014 Pantone Colour of the Year) but I didn’t want to go overboard with purple in her room.  Turns out I really liked the purple with the pink and white.  I have great plans to add some charcoal grey to the room too.

IMG_5025 We used the same rocking chair from Will’s room which we love and is so comfortable!  I made the pink window valances to cover the super-practical-but-ugly blackout roller blinds.IMG_5026 IMG_5030


These poms were super easy and fun to make!  This is the view from the crib looking up.  I almost wish I could put them in every room!  Grant is usually on board with my crazy ideas, but something tells me he wouldn’t be thrilled if I hung these above our bed.

IMG_5034 IMG_5037 My sister cross stitched this for Felicity and I love it.IMG_5052 We found this dresser on Craigslist after we moved and I love it.  We did have the changing pad on the top and it worked well for that.  Felicity hates (and I mean HATES) getting her diaper changed so it’s safer for everyone if we do it on the floor now.  I also have new glass drawer pulls for this dresser, but they’re currently at my moms house in Canada.IMG_5053I made this teapot lamp a few years ago and it is perfect in her room.  I love it except that it needs to be polished all. of. the. time.
IMG_5055 The white pillow is the one I want to make a grey cover for.  Maybe something like <this>? or <this>?  I also love the rug we have in here.  I ordered it online and almost sent it back, but it has been perfect for Felicity as she learned to crawl and is almost walking.  It’s so soft that she doesn’t seem to notice when she falls over.


The print on the windowsill is from Anna Karenina, one of the Baby Lit books and the painting on the wall is one I did several years ago.IMG_5063Up next: the living and dining rooms


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