Quilted Pillow Sham


When I was pregnant with Will I had an idea that I wanted his nursery to be inspired by the Hudson’s Bay blanket. I love the colours of the bold stripes and thought it would be perfect for his little room in our house. Then plans changed and we decided to make the move from Illinois to Minnesota and with that meant Will’s “room” would become a nook in our bedroom (also known as the walk-in closet). It was a very sweet little space for him to spend his first year of life and it fit him perfectly. We decided to go for a more neutral, white crib and navy and white bedding. We kept it simple and coordinated it with our bedroom. My mom sewed all the bedding and we loved it. Now Will has his own room and his own big bed and I’m finally ready to make his room into the bold, colourful and fun space I imagined, perfect for our enthusiastic and energy-filled little boy! I’ve been saving photos and ideas on Pinterest for a while now and below are a few of the photos that have inspired his room. z-chair-pair< source >


< source >

The thing is, I really want to make him a quilt. It seems more practical to have something made out of cotton rather than wool, especially for a potty-training 2-year old. The wool blankets are also a bit out of our price range, even though they are beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.25.51 PM

< source >

There are only a few problems with this plan: One, I don’t know a thing about quilting and and two, I don’t really know how to sew either (unless my YouTube training counts). I figured that not knowing how to quilt wasn’t really a good enough reason not to try it. Rather than start with the whole quilt, I thought I’d start small and try making the matching pillow sham first. It wasn’t as much of an investment if it was a total bust.  This past week I’ve been sewing away. I made four separate trips to three different fabric stores, cursed at my sewing machine about a hundred times and watched a YouTube video on how to bind a quilt (Thank you to the woman from Missouri who made a very helpful video). I am thrilled with the end result and now I can’t wait to get more fabric to start sewing the quilt!




IMG_5769 - Version 2


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