Pearl Shrug

This is one of my favourite baby knits.  I saved this pattern a long time ago and in 2012 decided to make it.  I knit the body and sleeves in one weekend and then it sat unfinished for two years in a ziplock bag, only needing to be stitched together.  It was a pretty quick knit overall and not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be by looking at the photos.  In the fall I finished it, just in time for Felicity to outgrow it.  I did manage to get a few photos of it on her back in October before it cut off the circulation in her cute little arms.  I guess it was just meant to be gifted to another little lady.

This is a vintage pattern that was reprinted in a book called Vintage Baby Knits.  I have the original pattern too which is from a book of knits for “rest and relaxation.”  The best part of the original pattern is that there is a matching shrug for mom.  Maybe one of these days I’ll knit Felicity and I matching sweaters that we can lounge around in.  Ha!

IMG_5277IMG_5278IMG_5284IMG_5282IMG_0428 IMG_0440 IMG_0485

Pattern: Pearl Shrug by Kristen Rengren
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in white


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