House Tour: Master Bedroom / Office / Studio / Catch-All

I’ve been meaning to post more photos of our house as we continue to settle in.  I just finished reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and we’ve been inspired to purge our space of the things we don’t need and it feels so good!  Our bedroom has been the catch-all space since we moved in because the kids are rarely up here.  It’s the attic of our 1920-something house that was converted into a bedroom, so it’s a unique space with two small windows and it gets pretty hot up here in the summertime.  We decided to make it our bedroom because it’s out of the way and we didn’t want the kids having to navigate the steep stairs as often.  At first I regretted that decision because I hated the space but now that we’ve settled in and figured out how to get the A/C up here, I LOVE it.  It might even be my favourite room in the house.  It’s cozy and comfortable and filled with a lot of the things I love including our books, my sewing machine and most-importantly, our bed!

We divided the room in half and made one side our bedroom and the other side the office/work space.

Master Bedroom - 01

Master Bedroom - 02

Master Bedroom - 03

Master Bedroom - 04

The small door on the right is access to the rest of the attic space and is storage.  There is another door and more attic space behind our headboard too.  The stairs down to the main floor are also on the right.Master Bedroom - 05

Master Bedroom - 06

Master Bedroom - 07

Master Bedroom - 08

Master Bedroom - 09There are still things I’d love to do to this space.  Since the school owns it, we can’t paint it anything we want, but I’d love if the walls were a pale taupe or grey colour since so much of what we have is white.  Although the lighter the better since there isn’t a lot of natural light up here.  The three dressers and book shelves are all old things that I’ve painted and the desk is our old kitchen table from our last apartment.  A lot has been repurposed and I love that it fits so well.

Now I just have to take care of the pile of things to sell that are hiding behind the desk!


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