Family Photos

We don’t usually have family photos taken.  We’ve taken most of the photos of the kids ourselves but this summer we celebrated our fifth anniversary and also the summer we celebrate Felicity’s first and Will’s third birthdays, so it felt like a great time to capture our little family.  We LOVED our wedding photographer so we asked her if she’d do family photos when we were in California and were thrilled when she said yes.  Emily is so relaxed and calmly walked around with us through the Golden Gate Botanical Gardens in San Francisco.  She wasn’t worried about Will digging in the mud or the fact that Felicity clung to us with her thumb in her mouth.  We got photos of what our family is like now and that is exactly what I had hoped for.  I should also mention that the black and white photos are film.  I’m no photographer, but I loved hearing the sound of the shutter on her camera with each photo she took.

family photos - 01 family photos - 02 family photos - 03 family photos - 04 family photos - 05 family photos - 06 family photos - 07 family photos - 08 family photos - 09 family photos - 10 family photos - 11 family photos - 12 family photos - 13 family photos - 14Photos by: Emily Scannell


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