Will is THREE!

It’s hard to believe that Will is now three.  He’s so fun, quirky and full of energy these days!  He also has a lot to say and for his birthday he told us (several times) that he wanted a birthday cake with airplanes on it and friends to come play in his backyard.

Will is 3! - 01

I made a runway to put on the table, but it may have been overcrowded with the food!  It’s now in Will’s room and he’s been using it to play, so I guess it wasn’t a loss!
Will is 3! - 03 Will is 3! - 04 Will is 3! - 05 Will is 3! - 06

The cake topper and clouds on the straws were ideas found on pinterest.  It’s amazing the things you can find if you search for “Airplane Birthday Party.”Will is 3! - 07 Will is 3! - 08

We played pin the propeller on the airplane but Will refused to play by the rules and wear the blindfold.  🙂
Will is 3! - 09Will is 3! - 10

Will is 3! - 02

Eating birthday cake is all business apparently.

On Sunday Will’s got to go to the air show with his daddy and both of his grandpa’s.  Will LOVED seeing the airplanes and now all his airplanes are “angels” and he runs around the house making jet engine sounds.  So far three is an incredible age.  🙂

This is Grant and Will inside a Black Hawk Helicopter.Will is 3! - 11

And finally, on the day of his birthday I picked up a few cinnamon buns from (our favourite) The Newberg Bakery and we had our traditional Happy Birthday “cake.”Will is 3! - 12Will is 3! - 13

Someone else was happy to see the cinnamon bun spread on the table!Will is 3! - 14 Will is 3! - 15

I hope you enjoyed your birthday, sweet boy.  We adore you and can’t imagine life without you in it.


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