Coffee & Tea Bar & Dining Room Tour

We have a corner in our dining room that has held the kids’ toy kitchen.  The kids love to play with the toys, but we found they often took them out of the dining room and into the living room to play.  Is it because our dining room floor usually has a layer of shredded cheese and cheerio crumbs? Probably.  We decided to move the toys into the living room and to create a coffee and tea bar in our dining room.

I found the perfect buffet / sideboard on craigslist that had a beautiful, dark wood finish but upon closer inspection was desperately in need of refinishing or painting.  Our woodwork in our living room and dining room is all quite dark so I opted to paint it and I love how it turned out.  Moving our espresso machine and tea kettle along with all the mugs and accessories freed up a lot of our counter and cupboard space and it it feels so good to have some empty space in the kitchen.

Also, can I take a moment to acknowledge and enjoy the sunshine outside the windows in these photos!  It hasn’t been a long winter, but it has been a very wet one and I’m thrilled to see the sun!



One thought on “Coffee & Tea Bar & Dining Room Tour

  1. Hi Katie. I’ve enjoyed a nice ramble through your lovely blog. I’m absolutely envious of your dining room! 🙂 You’ll see I visited one of your older posts — a search for ginger ale was what brought me to your blog. Hugs!

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