Etsy Shop

It’s finally open!

I’ve been preparing for some time to reopen my Etsy shop.  I’ve had a few roadblocks along the way… mainly summer, moving and (still) having trouble finding the boxes of supplies and handmade things that are ready to sell.  The first item listed is one of my favourites and more handmade items and custom designs will be added throughout the next few weeks.


The first item is a handmade silk ring pillow, the same design as I made for our own wedding a few years ago.  The pillow itself is approximately 6-inches square and it has a large beautiful handmade silk flower on top.  The rings tie to a satin ribbon in the center of the flower.  And yes, we let our ring bearer carry the actual rings down the aisle with him and he did a fantastic job!

If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see for sale in my shop or if you’d like a custom item, please let me know!

My shop can be found by clicking on the image above, or going to

The Beginning!

I have had it in my mind to start this blog for a long time.  Last November I decided to go for it and finally open the Etsy shop that I had been dreaming about.  I had such a great time coming up with ideas, planning and anticipating.  It was a blast!  This was right around the time that we found out that we were expecting a baby!  Unfortunately this meant that soon after my all-day-sickness would set in and remain as my constant companion through the spring making it difficult to maintain the shop, grad school internship and work.  A lot has happened since then including my graduation, moving from Illinois to Minnesota, welcoming our incredible baby boy into the family and beginning my new role as a mum and a Residence Life spouse.

My excitement to re-open my Etsy shop has only increased and I see this blog as a place for me to share my ideas and inspiration as well as some of our day to day life.

I’ll leave you with this picture of one of Will’s first smiles.  This is what I spend majority of my time doing these days and I love it!

Making millions…

I am realizing that many of my posts the last few weeks have been all about knitting.  Grant keeps telling me how amazed he is that my obsession has lasted this long.  What he doesn’t realize is that I have had this “obsession” for a very long time I had just put it on hold while we were dating.  Maybe it was because while we were dating I always wanted to hold his hand and knitting is a two-handed activity. Wait, that makes it sound like I don’t want to hold his hand now that we’re married…  anyway…

One of the things I did over break was make a bunch of “test knits.”  I think I’m going to open up a little shop on etsy and start selling some of my hand knit items.  I figure it is a way to hold myself accountable to “do something creative everyday” as Paper Source encourages us to do.  It is also a way to help fund my knitting habit, if you will.  Starting this little endeavor has also made me start designing some of my own patterns since many patterns request that you don’t sell items knit from them.

As far as the store goes, I’ve figured out all kinds of things from the packaging to the colour of ribbon I want to get but I have one small problem…  I cannot for the life of me figure out a good name.  This is where you (my few and dear readers) come in.  Do you have any suggestions for a name?  I want it to be something fun but maybe not too punny.  I have actually grown to love puns over the last few years even though I am the last one to catch on to the joke, but I find that in knitting people are all about the puns and I want to have something more original and maybe a little more me.  This is testing my creativity, that’s for sure.

Along with selling hand knits, I think I want to sell a few other things that I have made.  You see, I also have a hard time picking my medium.  Do I want to design wedding invitations?  Do I want to make cute (yet somewhat kitschy) knitting stitch markers that make you happy when you’re knitting with them? Do I want to knit?  Do I want to paint?  I suppose it is a great problem to have.

In other news.  My mom has been here visiting over the past week and we had a great time.  It was a fun and relaxing visit and even though she was on her holiday, Grant and I managed to benefit from her cooking skills a time or two.  I have to say, having a very skilled chef in our little kitchen made me love the wedding gifts that were generously given to us all over again!

I instantly fell in love with these knitting needles as soon as I saw them at Loopy Yarns in Chicago.  They were a little expensive, but oh did they make me happy!