Etsy Shop

It’s finally open!

I’ve been preparing for some time to reopen my Etsy shop.  I’ve had a few roadblocks along the way… mainly summer, moving and (still) having trouble finding the boxes of supplies and handmade things that are ready to sell.  The first item listed is one of my favourites and more handmade items and custom designs will be added throughout the next few weeks.


The first item is a handmade silk ring pillow, the same design as I made for our own wedding a few years ago.  The pillow itself is approximately 6-inches square and it has a large beautiful handmade silk flower on top.  The rings tie to a satin ribbon in the center of the flower.  And yes, we let our ring bearer carry the actual rings down the aisle with him and he did a fantastic job!

If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see for sale in my shop or if you’d like a custom item, please let me know!

My shop can be found by clicking on the image above, or going to



I don’t know if I can blame pinterest or some of the blogs that I read, but for a while I have wanted to get Will a teepee.  There was one in particular I’ve seen on Etsy, but the $180 price tag was a little steep for something I wasn’t sure if he’d like or not.  So, I thought I’d put my novice sewing skills to the test and make him one.  (By the way, when I say “novice sewing skills” I am not being humble, rather I’m being optimistic.  I just found out a few days ago I’ve been threading my machine wrong since my mom gave it to me… 13 years ago.  But I digress).

I looked at a few tutorials I found online that had measurements that made for a good starting point, but I wanted the teepee to look more like this one.  I preferred the ones that had four sides and would be easy to collapse, since we don’t have a huge space to store it or to keep it up all the time.  I made many mistakes and my estimated two evening project took four or five evenings, but I LOVE the result.  Plus the mistakes kind of look intentional (specifically, the added 12 inches to the bottom of the teepee).


I got the fabric at SR Harris, a discount fabric store in the Twin Cities.  It’s huge and overwhelming, but I find it fun to sift through their stuff, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.  The fabric is 100% cotton and seems to be coated with something, although I don’t know what.  I got a TON of  fabric for $30.  I believe it was 3 1/2 yards and super wide (120″ maybe?).  This was helpful since I did make so many mistakes I was able to compensate with the large amount of fabric.

Grant critiqued my teepee for not being accurate since I added a “cottage window” but I think it’s cute! IMG_1290

I used PVC pipe and have plans to spray paint it to cover up the writing, but I’m having trouble picking a colour. We drilled holes into the top of the poles about 14″ from the top to thread the yarn through.  Without the holes the tie had a tendency to slip down and cause the teepee to close.  This way, it has no problems staying open, even with an almost-walker pulling himself up on the poles.  The poles are 6′ long and were less than $2 each.  I wanted wood poles, but they were hard to find in the length I wanted and were much more expensive.IMG_1296

IMG_1127 IMG_1126Will isn’t quite sure what to do with the teepee yet.  He likes it if we sit in there with him.  The other day his friend Zoe (who is about 7 months older than Will) LOVED it.  She ran in and out of the teepee and squealed with delight each time she emerged.  When do kids start to enjoy hiding so much?  I’m looking forward to that phase with Will.

The total for the project was less than $40, and that includes all the extra fabric, an extra PVC pipe (which we used to make his birthday sailboat) and the little caps that go on the bottom of the poles.  If you know what you’re doing this project could be even cheaper!

Knit Valentine

I’ll be honest, Valentine’s day has not ever been my favourite holiday.  I don’t have any bad memories associated with it, and I’m not one to rant about or complain about it either.  In fact, I should love valentines day because I love hearts, chocolate and flowers.  Both pink and red are my favourite colours.  And I really love all the candy that is on sale on February 15th.

That being said, last year I decided to make Grant a knit valentine.  Knitting is not exactly his forte, but he loves to receive (and give) cards and I love to knit.  So this seemed like a perfect fit.  A little of me and a little of him.  I think I might just have to make another one this year… or if anyone would like me to make one for you to give to someone special (on short notice), I’d love to do that too!

Christmas Gift Wrapping

I LOVE to wrap gifts.  I’ve always wanted to work someplace where I get to wrap gifts all day long… although I’d probably get bored before my first shift is done.  That, or I’d be covered in paper cuts.
My mom is a bit of a perfectionist (you know it’s true, mom) and she taught my sister and I how to wrap.  We give her a hard time for making us fix the gifts we wrapped if the flaps on either end pointed in different directions or pointing away from the seam on the back.  It’s something that the three of us will always laugh about and I’ll always be grateful for the gift of perfectionism imparted by my mother!  
Unlike my mom though, I have come to use only kraft paper wrapping and gift boxes.  It’s simple to have just one roll of wrapping paper and a few spools of beautiful ribbon, and it works for all occasions.
Re-using ribbon from our wedding.
I’ve had these four spools of ribbon from Costco for the last 5 Holiday’s and still haven’t run out.  Costco is a great place to buy good quality ribbon in mass quantities, you may just have to buy it in September to get the patterns and colours you like.  Regardless, I think next Christmas it might be time for some new ones!

Gifts under the Christmas tree.

I can’t wait for these to be opened and for the stockings to be filled!