Baby Dinosaur

Even though Grant and I are not the most creative when it comes to costumes, we figured that Will should have one this year for Halloween… it is his first after all!  I had a great time making it, both Grant and I LOVE seeing Will in it and hopefully he’ll enjoy seeing these photos when he gets older!!  Happy Halloween from our tiny dinosaur.
Orange felt with matching thread
Hooded sweatshirt
Fold the felt in half and cut spikes so the base of the spike is on the fold.

Pin spikes along the back of the sweatshirt and up on the hood.

Sew each spike along the fold.

Fold spikes in half and pin both sides together.

Sew along the edge of each spike.

The finished product!

Our little dinosaur in action
This kid LOVES to stand up, even though he’s far from balancing!