Happy October!

I can’t believe October is here.  We’ve been lucky here in Minnesota to have mostly beautiful fall days .  Warm in the sunshine outside, cool in the mornings and able to have the windows wide open all day long!

We’ve been busy trying to soak up the fall in Minnesota since it is arguably the best season here.  Last weekend we took Will apple picking at a small family owned farm just east of Saint Paul.  Will had a great time in the pumpkin patch and hanging out with the chickens and turkeys.  IMG_2241 IMG_2245 IMG_2275 IMG_2306 IMG_2345 IMG_2369 IMG_2379 IMG_2384Will also LOVED eating the apples.

And a little flash back to a year ago!  Sound asleep even with the sun in his face.  I’m pretty sure he slept through that whole day in the carrier through apple picking and hiking at Taylor’s Falls.




First Haircut

Will had his first haircut yesterday.  We were torn about getting it done, but his hair was getting long and unruly and on non-humid days he was beginning to look like one of the Beetles, not to mention more and more people were telling me how pretty my little girl is.

On the recommendation of a friend, I took him to Kid’s Hair.  He’s so squirmy these days, I didn’t trust myself getting that close to his head with a pair of scissors.  He did great!  He played with a train and then eventually swiped a few combs away from the hair stylist.  It was pretty painless (for both of us) and now we have a little card that says “my first haircut” and Will has a great new ‘do.


Apparently he needed a little boost

Apparently he needed a little boost

Instagram can’t always make this look good

I was reading an article today called “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life.” (In case it doesn’t come up clearly, the title of the article is a link to it).

Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend everyone read the article, I did find it challenging.  I look through my own blog at all the posts about things I’ve made and photos of our cute son.  It probably looks like I have a never ending amount of free time, always have a delicious dinner on the table when Grant comes home or that Will’s clothes always match and that he must not spit up all over the place like other people’s babies.  The photos I post either have a blurred background or are taken when our apartment is tidy.  The photos don’t show the smelly diapers that need to be washed, the never ending pile of dirty dishes, the toys strewn all over the place or the spit-up on sweat pants I wear almost every day.

I think I have a great life but that it’s hard too.  I am married to an incredible partner who loves and supports me.  We also have stupid arguments and sometimes feel like we’re on opposite ends of the teeter-totter.  I have a the most amazing son who brings an incredible amount of joy to our lives.  I’ve also never felt busier or more tired in my entire life and the phrase “there’s only a little bit of poop on it” actually left my lips as a valid reason for Will to keep wearing a t-shirt.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to show a more accurate picture of my life, including the parts that instagram can’t make beautiful.  I want others to know the great and the hard parts, to be known by others and to know them as well.  As a good friend and co-worker used to say, I want others to see the beauty and the pain that are a part of a real life.

Como Conservatory

In July when Will was first born we went to the Como Conservatory with my mom.  It is an incredible place.  The building is beautiful, it’s warm and full of lush, green plants and purple orchids.  Even when crowded, it is somehow still peaceful and quiet.  All I have to say is why on earth did it take me until the first day of spring to think of going back there?
The three of us spent a few hours at the conservatory this weekend and it was incredible.  This was of course, after Will and I spent some time there earlier this week with a friend.  And I think we’ll go back often on cool days this spring.  We had some fun with our camera too and not so surprisingly we ended up with more photos of our son than anything else.

We spent a lot of time with the tulips since we miss seeing them grow each spring in our yard in Wheaton.

He seems like he’s growing up so fast.

A bit of life lately

Life has been FULL over the last few weeks! 
I usually try not to hate on winter too much.  In fact, winter has always been one of my favourite seasons with all the snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skating and downhill skiing I’ve done.  This year has felt different, though.  Something about bundling up yourself and a baby, fumbling with car seat buckles and mittens and a baby who has learned to pull his hat off.  That said, we’ve been trying to get out and enjoy the snow regardless and with the hopes that the frigid weather will end soon, the ice will melt and we’ll hear the birds once more.  These are a few photos of some of the things we’ve been up to lately.
First tooth!

Learning to crawl
Snuggling under the covers (and more crawling practice)

New favourite toys

Winter walks

Photo bombed by his dad

Learning to crawl to his toys and tip the bucket over

The Beginning!

I have had it in my mind to start this blog for a long time.  Last November I decided to go for it and finally open the Etsy shop that I had been dreaming about.  I had such a great time coming up with ideas, planning and anticipating.  It was a blast!  This was right around the time that we found out that we were expecting a baby!  Unfortunately this meant that soon after my all-day-sickness would set in and remain as my constant companion through the spring making it difficult to maintain the shop, grad school internship and work.  A lot has happened since then including my graduation, moving from Illinois to Minnesota, welcoming our incredible baby boy into the family and beginning my new role as a mum and a Residence Life spouse.

My excitement to re-open my Etsy shop has only increased and I see this blog as a place for me to share my ideas and inspiration as well as some of our day to day life.

I’ll leave you with this picture of one of Will’s first smiles.  This is what I spend majority of my time doing these days and I love it!

Fischer Hall

We live in Fischer Hall, a Residence Hall on a college campus that houses 600 Freshman and Sophomores.  Some think that we’re crazy… that we would choose to live in the lobby of a dorm, but we love it.  Every year (and this is my fourth) has brought new joys and new challenges.  In a typical week the joys far outweigh the challenges and this week was no exception.

This photo was taken at the beginning of the school year at our first ever All Fischer Meeting which we held in the large auditorium on campus.  I loved seeing majority of our 600 residents all in one room.  Definitely a favourite moment in my career as a GRA.

On Friday night the Fischer CLC (Community Life Council – a group of 12 Sophomore students that I work with) hosted the first ever All Fischer Worship.  CLC this year is doing an incredible job… but I’ll save that for another post!

What I re-learned on Friday night is that Wheaton has some very talented students!  CLC planned it all and three students volunteered to lead worship.  It was a wonderful fall evening and a great end to the week.