Christmas Stockings

I had a great time knitting Christmas Stockings this year for Will and Grant and was able to make a few more for friends and family too!
This first stocking is for the 9-month old son of two good friends from Wheaton.  I love how this stocking turned out!  I was thrilled to be able to make this for him.

The second set are for my brother- and sister-in-law.  The goal was something traditional and something fun and funky at the same time.  I had to make them a little shorter than the previous stocking so the toes don’t catch on fire when they are hanging on their fireplace mantle.

After making the snowmen out of pom pom’s, I was inspired to add a few to our Christmas tree!


Toddler Slippers

One of Grant’s cousins asked me to make a pair of slippers for their daughter.  I initially started with the pattern I made for the baby slippers on my Etsy shop but that first pair was a felting failure!  I made these Felted Slippers from French Press Knits a few years ago and love them (so much I’ve made them for both my mom and sister too), so I decided to try and make a downsized version!

I forgot to take a picture of the soles of the slippers before sending them off in the mail, but I added some fabric similar to this (but bought at JoAnn) to the bottoms to give them some grip.
Pattern: French Press Felted Slippers (modified for tiny feet)
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Wool (this wool felts VERY well!)
Size: Toddler 9 (about 6″)

Baby Mittens

I have been working on a new knitting pattern inspired by living in Minnesota!  I’ve been knitting for a long time and making up a lot of patterns as I go so I am super excited to publish my first pattern for others to use and enjoy!

Here is a sneak peek of Will modeling/testing some of my sample knits. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good name for these baby Norwegian mittens??

It’s tiring being so cute!