Quilted Pillow Sham


When I was pregnant with Will I had an idea that I wanted his nursery to be inspired by the Hudson’s Bay blanket. I love the colours of the bold stripes and thought it would be perfect for his little room in our house. Then plans changed and we decided to make the move from Illinois to Minnesota and with that meant Will’s “room” would become a nook in our bedroom (also known as the walk-in closet). It was a very sweet little space for him to spend his first year of life and it fit him perfectly. We decided to go for a more neutral, white crib and navy and white bedding. We kept it simple and coordinated it with our bedroom. My mom sewed all the bedding and we loved it. Now Will has his own room and his own big bed and I’m finally ready to make his room into the bold, colourful and fun space I imagined, perfect for our enthusiastic and energy-filled little boy! I’ve been saving photos and ideas on Pinterest for a while now and below are a few of the photos that have inspired his room. z-chair-pair< source >


< source >

The thing is, I really want to make him a quilt. It seems more practical to have something made out of cotton rather than wool, especially for a potty-training 2-year old. The wool blankets are also a bit out of our price range, even though they are beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.25.51 PM

< source >

There are only a few problems with this plan: One, I don’t know a thing about quilting and and two, I don’t really know how to sew either (unless my YouTube training counts). I figured that not knowing how to quilt wasn’t really a good enough reason not to try it. Rather than start with the whole quilt, I thought I’d start small and try making the matching pillow sham first. It wasn’t as much of an investment if it was a total bust.  This past week I’ve been sewing away. I made four separate trips to three different fabric stores, cursed at my sewing machine about a hundred times and watched a YouTube video on how to bind a quilt (Thank you to the woman from Missouri who made a very helpful video). I am thrilled with the end result and now I can’t wait to get more fabric to start sewing the quilt!




IMG_5769 - Version 2


House Tour – Felicity’s Room

Two napping kiddos at the same time.  Two napping kiddos at the same time!

This is so rare and so delightful!  I thought it would be a few days before I posted this but the kids are being very, very nice to me so far today!

Felicity’s room has been really fun for me to put together.  It’s still a work in progress, but that’s half the fun! I never thought I’d do pink but when I was pregnant with her I fell in love with the purple fabric and tissue paper (it also happened to be the 2014 Pantone Colour of the Year) but I didn’t want to go overboard with purple in her room.  Turns out I really liked the purple with the pink and white.  I have great plans to add some charcoal grey to the room too.

IMG_5025 We used the same rocking chair from Will’s room which we love and is so comfortable!  I made the pink window valances to cover the super-practical-but-ugly blackout roller blinds.IMG_5026 IMG_5030


These poms were super easy and fun to make!  This is the view from the crib looking up.  I almost wish I could put them in every room!  Grant is usually on board with my crazy ideas, but something tells me he wouldn’t be thrilled if I hung these above our bed.

IMG_5034 IMG_5037 My sister cross stitched this for Felicity and I love it.IMG_5052 We found this dresser on Craigslist after we moved and I love it.  We did have the changing pad on the top and it worked well for that.  Felicity hates (and I mean HATES) getting her diaper changed so it’s safer for everyone if we do it on the floor now.  I also have new glass drawer pulls for this dresser, but they’re currently at my moms house in Canada.IMG_5053I made this teapot lamp a few years ago and it is perfect in her room.  I love it except that it needs to be polished all. of. the. time.
IMG_5055 The white pillow is the one I want to make a grey cover for.  Maybe something like <this>? or <this>?  I also love the rug we have in here.  I ordered it online and almost sent it back, but it has been perfect for Felicity as she learned to crawl and is almost walking.  It’s so soft that she doesn’t seem to notice when she falls over.


The print on the windowsill is from Anna Karenina, one of the Baby Lit books and the painting on the wall is one I did several years ago.IMG_5063Up next: the living and dining rooms

House Tour – Will’s Room

I realized a few days ago that it has been almost 6 months since we moved to Oregon.   I still feel so new even though we now have our favourite restaurants and know where the grocery stores and parks are, all things that have taken time to discover.  I know, I know it can take a long time to feel settled.  Our house has really reflected that this time around.  Moving two thousand miles with a newborn and a toddler in tow is not for the faint of heart and slowly but surely we are getting there!  I have been wanting to do a house tour for a little while now so I’m going to post it room by room.

The kids rooms are my favourite.  I never really got to decorate a nursery for either of them before they were born so it was fun to get to put these two rooms together.  Will’s room is still a work in progress but we spend a lot of time in here.  The natural light is amazing on days like today when the sun is shining!


The nautical flags are reused from Will’s first birthday party! These windows look out over our front porch.

IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4966 IMG_4967

The airplane prints are a free download you can find here.  I had these printed and put them in these Ikea frames.  It was inexpensive and Will loves his “big airplanes.”


IMG_4971 IMG_4976The bed in this room is technically Felicity’s… or at least it will be her’s in a few years.  We got it when we thought the kids were going to be sharing a teeny tiny bedroom and we were indecisive about getting him a twin bed or something larger.  We are betting that Will is going to be tall someday!  We are on the craigslist hunt for a new old dresser and I am working on making a quilt for his bed.  “Working on” makes it sound more active than what is actually happening.  I have a great idea and will eventually get to it.

Up next: Felicity’s room!

Olivia Petit

I found this sweater pattern a while ago.  I was pregnant with Will and we had found out already that he was going to be a he.  I have been wanting to make it ever since.  In fact, I thought (a little too long) about whether I could knit this in a certain colour or yarn that would make it look boyish enough for him to pull off wearing.  It is a-line and has a flower on the back, so it’s probably best I came to my senses.  After Felicity was born, this was the yarn I went straight to the store to buy with this pattern in mind.

Felicity has been wearing this for the last few months and I’m glad I finally got photos of it today since it’s on the verge of being too small on her!  This has been her go-to coat lately since the Oregon winter is so mild!  We like it so much I bought more yarn over the holidays so I can make her another one!

Note: I also fully admit that this post is as much about the cute baby as it is about the cute sweater!

IMG_4924 IMG_4925 IMG_4927 IMG_4930 IMG_4940

Pattern: Olivia Petit  by Connie Chang Chinchio
Yarn: Madelintosh Tosh Vintage in Mica
On Ravelry here

More Norwegian Mittens

These are still hands down my favourite thing to knit.  This pair was 2 years in the making as a gift for my mom and I finally finished them over the holiday’s this year.  She lived in a warmer climate until recently, so it didn’t seem quite as urgent to finish until she moved back to Canada.  I mixed and matched the pattern a bit on the cuff and palm, but the number of stitches and the main pattern on the back of the hand is listed below. The book that these are from is incredible and highly recommended!  There are so many patterns, it’s easy to mix and match or make up your own.  It’s also an interesting read!  As far as color work and knitting, I would say these are a really fun place to start if you don’t have a ton of experience.  They’re small and it’s really easy to follow along with the pattern and it’s easy to know each round if you’ve made a mistake or not.  Plus they’re really satisfying since they knit up quickly and if you use the Knit Picks Pallet yarn, you’ll spend less than $7 on these, so you really can’t lose.  And did I mention that they are beautiful and SO warm!?

IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4241

Pattern: NHM #7 from Selbuvotter: A Biography of Knitting
Yarn: Knit Picks Pallette, White and Marine Heather (one skien of each colour)

(And in case you’re curious, here is the link to my first pair of Selbuvotter mittens and my first pair of gloves.)

The Holiday’s

We had an incredible, stressful, beautiful, sleep deprived, fun and happy holiday this year.  We spent the week before Christmas in California and the week of Christmas in Canada.  We were thankful to see so many people and we had a great time introducing everyone to Felicity!  It was wonderful, but we’ve vowed to never do quite so much traveling in such a small amount of time ever again.  We’re busy catching up on sleep now that we’re home and I’ve been going through all the photos we took.  Here are some of the highlights of the holiday’s that we actually caught on film.

IMG_4218 IMG_4202 IMG_4172 IMG_4168 IMG_4132

IMG_4086 IMG_4082 IMG_4073 IMG_4059 IMG_4050 IMG_4041 IMG_4005 IMG_4003 IMG_3952 IMG_3942 IMG_3895 IMG_3887 IMG_3832 IMG_3777 IMG_3766 IMG_3739

Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage

The kids and I got a little turned around as we were coming home from Ikea a few weeks ago and we happened upon this little town nearby called Aurora with this amazing Architectural Salvage store.  I’ve seriously never seen such a well organized “junk shop” and I have been hauled around to many of them with my mom over the years.  (And now I haul my little family into them too!  I suppose the love of them wore off on me.)

I wanted to share some of the photos I took of the place.  I find the colours and patterns inspiring and love seeing the groupings of chairs, letters, windows and even old woodwork.  Totally my kind of place.  The only downside I see, you pay for everything being well organized and easy to find.  It is a little pricey, but I suppose it would be worth it if you needed that one perfect replacement piece.

IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0305The patterns on these old grates remind me of prints I used to make in College.

IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0321 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0329

Scholls Oatmeal

One of our very favourite places that we’ve found in Oregon is the South Store Cafe in Scholls.  As far as we can tell, Scholls is a tiny town up the mountain from us with one cafe across the street from a berry farm / farm store.  The cafe is amazing.  I should have taken photos of all the baked goods and quiche that they have.  It all looks delicious and everything we’ve eaten there has not disappointed.

The oatmeal was the first thing I tried and I have never had oatmeal that tasted so good.  Oatmeal is easy enough to make, so I thought I’d try duplicating this at home.  The homemade version is very, very good.  But it’s just not quite as good as the oatmeal in Scholls.  Perhaps the setting has something to do with that?  And everything always tastes better when someone else makes it for you, right?

This is the original oatmeal:


And this is my homemade version:



A certain little red head was eager to taste it too.


Cook your oatmeal.  Choose your favourite kind and follow the directions on the package.  Our favourite is the Organic Steel Cut Oats from Trader Joe’s.

Put a little of each of the following on top to taste:
– Granola (we like the fruit and nut granola from Bare Naked)
– Dried apricots
-Pumpkin seeds
– Dried Cranberries
– Chopped walnuts
– Hazelnuts
– Apple slices
– Brown sugar
– Half and Half or Milk

And enjoy!

Christmas Tree Farm

Yesterday we had the chance to go to a Christmas tree farm just up the mountain from our town.  It is owned by the family of one of Grant’s co-workers.  We live in a valley and it was a little bit of a dreary day but as we drove up the mountain we drove into the cloud and it was stunning.  It didn’t feel like it was raining anymore, just a mist in the air.  It was a beautiful property filled with perfect looking Christmas trees.  I have never been to a Christmas tree farm before, let alone cut my own tree down!  I can’t believe that we have a real Christmas tree that looks better than any fake one we’ve ever had.

Can I just pause and say that Oregon is beautiful?


IMG_3497Felicity was there too, but she was snuggled in and warm in my solly baby wrap under my coat.

IMG_3513We found one that was just Will’s size.

IMG_3528Will had a great time running through the trees and the mud.  He eats up any chance he gets to wear his beloved rain boots.


IMG_3543The minivan sure is coming in handy.

IMG_3575A glimpse of the decorated tree and some of our favourite ornaments.  I love pulling out the ornaments that have been packed away for the last 11 months.

Radio Silence

*crickets chirping*

There has been a bit of radio silence on the blog here for quite some time.  I suppose it is with good reason.
Since I last posted this happened:


And if that wasn’t big enough, then this HUGE thing happened:


and we were given the most incredible gift of our daughter Felicity


And this handsome little man is now a big brother


And now we are a family of four.



And since that wasn’t enough of a change for our family, we decided to do this totally insane/crazy thing:


And now we live here:


Even though I haven’t posted at all lately, we have still enjoyed doing all of the fun and creative things as a family.  I am looking forward to jumping back in to the blog and hopefully reopen my etsy shop again soon!